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Ultra Filtration

Metals Precipitation and Particulate removal
ICMQ Filtration utilises TMF Technology to remove precipitated metals from waste water for:

  • R.O. Pretreatment
  • R.O. Concentrate recycle - ZLD
  • Lime Softening
    Cooling Towers - Hardness Reduction-Silica, Calcium, Magnesium Reduction.
    R.O. Concentrate Recycle - ZLD.
  • Metals Precipitation
    AMD Water, R.O. Pretreatment, Metal Plating/Galvanizing works Waste reduction or metal recovery.
  • Particulate Removal
    Up to 50,000 Mg/L particle removal to 20 Nanometres.
  • pH Range: 0-14
  • Temp Range: 15-70oC

POREX technology


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